7 Tips to Get You Started

In Uncategorised|19 December 2019

It’s really hard to change your routine. Especially when it’s to make room for a new activity that’s going to need you to find another 10 minutes in your busy day! Getting started, especially with physical activity, is always the hardest part.

But, if you want to create better habits that will have a lasting impact on your life – and a massive impact for your family – then start, you must. (I hear Master Yoda creeping in there!)

So start small. Just like anything worthwhile, it’s going to take a little bit of time and a lot of practice. The best thing about getting active though, is that it won’t take too long before you notice the changes and start enjoying the benefits.

Here’s some very clever tips to help you make those changes and help you stick to the new routine. It’s SO worth it!

#1 Start small

It may be that trying to fit a 10-minute activity in EVERY day is a bit too overwhelming to begin with. So make room for it 3 times a week. Then challenge yourself to move up to 4 times a week. Remember to reward yourself along the way! Soon enough, it won’t be difficult to make time at all.

#2 Use a regular daily schedule

Probably you already have your schedule all planned out. When do you think you would be able to squeeze in a 10-minute activity? Plan the same time each day – the kids will definitely benefit from regularity. It’s also very useful to write your plan down.

#3 Reminders

Set your phone to let you know when it’s time. And use an alarm tone that isn’t going to annoy you. Make it something you like so the whole process is positive. You can also set a timer for the end of the session so that you know when your 10 minutes are up. That will also help you feel the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve achieved the activity for that day.

#4 Rewards

Reward the kids and reward yourself. That means setting out 2 different rewards (maybe?) But please try to avoid a sweet treat for everyone. What about … if we do this activity for 3 days in a row, we can watch a movie together; or, if we do this activity for 10 minutes, the small people can have 5 minutes of electronics time, while the adult person/people can have a hot cup of coffee! Whatever works in your world. Eventually you won’t even need a reward because the time you spend together laughing will be reward enough.

#5 Ever heard of ‘Anchoring’?

I hadn’t until recently. Well, I didn’t know there was a name for the process! It’s where you attach a new habit to one you already do. For example, you could slot your 10-minute activity into the time straight after you brush your teeth in the morning. That may not work for your schedule, but you get what I mean.

#6 Hang out with likeminded people

Also known as ‘role models’, but essentially, spend time with people who model the habits you’re trying to achieve. Follow our social media posts and get involved with our closed Facebook community for members only. You become what you spend time around.

#7 Be Imperfect

It’s perfectly ok to skip a session or two. And sometimes activities don’t really work out, for lots of different reasons. Don’t be hard on yourself. Try again tomorrow.

The most important thing though, when all said and done, is to have FUN!


I use various sources to write these news articles including the NHS (UK & Scotland), the Australian Govt. Dept. of Health, World Health Organisation (WHO), Harvard University childhood health articles and what I experience as a mum.