A week of summer holiday ideas … and repeat!

In Uncategorised|18 July 2019

EEEK! Call me slow, but it’s just hit me that my children will be at home for six weeks AS OF MONDAY! Anyone else panicking?

I’ve only just got back into my rhythm following their last break, and all of a sudden the big holiday is looming, right there, just beyond the weekend. I’m completely not prepared for this.

Some panic planning is on the cards.

Unfortunately summer weather in North Wales cannot be depended upon so I always need a ‘fine weather’ plan and a ‘rainy weather’ plan.

Here goes:




Picnic at a park

Picnic inside with games


Visit a theme park or zoo

Go to the movies


Meet friends in the woods …

… bring wellies and dry clothes!


Operation house clean up!

… then bake!


Visit a new beach

Indoor swimming

Weekend Options

Long bike ride or hike

Lego tower challenge

… repeat 6 times, and intersperse with impromptu garden games, play dates, a little bit of reading and writing practice and a teensy bit of electronics/tv time (we’re only human!). For access to over 100 awesome games sign up to the Move, Laugh & Learn programme.

Unless we’re horribly unlucky with the weather, there should be enough variety throughout the week to keep them busy and burn some energy. The beauty of wet weather though, is that you can still go out and it offers a whole other set of adventures. You just need to be prepared to do the washing when you get home.

As I’m writing this I am forming a bit of a challenge plan… since I didn’t grow up around here, I don’t know all of the hidden spots only locals know. And as it’s summer, I’m thinking I might challenge myself to visit a new beach every week. I could even expand that to a new woods every week as well! But let’s reign that back in. One new place every week is definitely do-able. Let’s not get excited with this panic plan!

OK, so, I’m feeling a bit better now. I have a vague plan of attack for the holidays and I have a lovely summer challenge as well. Now I just need the kids to behave and love the plan too, and my life will be a dream!

Happy holidays everyone!


I use various sources to write these news articles including the NHS (UK & Scotland), the Australian Govt. Dept. of Health, World Health Organisation (WHO), Harvard University childhood health articles and what I experience as a mum.