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Cheeky Monkeys

OBJECTIVE: Builds strength and muscle tone, activates chest expansion, encourages balance and regular deep breathing,


Set the scene

Your child is going to be a cheeky monkey for this series of fun exercises. Begin by moving around the room doing your very best monkey impressions. Have fun with this, the more expressive you are, the more your child will follow. Jump around, eat pretend bananas, throw in your best monkey noises, this should be FUN, FUN, FUN.

Activity Instructions

We are going to do a series of 3 activities.

#1 Just hanging around

Have your child hold onto your hands (or fingers for the really little ones) with their arms outstretched above their heads. Then gently and carefully lift your child a few inches off the ground. Encourage your child to hang still for as long as they can (normally no more than a few seconds). If required, help your child by holding their hands in yours.

#2 Jump for the sky

Still holding onto your fingers / hands, your child is to crouch down like a frog and then jump by pushing off with both of their feet at the same time. With your help the tiniest children can jump extra high. This exaggerated jumping movement will really help your child’s developmental capabilities through vestibular stimulation, vital for a toddlers speech, hearing and vision.

#3 Balance Test

Child continues to hold your hands, but this time also have then standing on your feet. See if they can keep their balance and move their legs in unison with yours, whilst you change direction, go backwards, go sideways like a crab, go faster, go slower etc

Pro tip

Put some sticky tape down on the ground and still holding your child’s hands, have them walk along the tape going faster or slower on your command. Ignite their imagination by calling the tape their “bridge” and either side of the bridge is the water…. And they don’t want to get their feet wet.