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No contracts or monthly subscriptions.

The Programme comes as a digital download. As soon as you purchase it, you are sent an email with the download link. You use your personal link to download the guide to any and all of your devices. The guide contains everything you need to keep your little super star moving, laughing & learning. It never expires. You keep it forever. There is no monthly subscription. Pay once and it’s yours forever.

Our games and activities are designed to use household items and basic sporting equipment most families already have or can easily purchase locally i.e. balls, balloons, markers. We have also developed a list of items that can be used instead of the suggested equipment, which you can view here.

Move, Laugh & Learn was created to make active play a no-brainer for parents. All our activities have been developed to boost your child’s development, keep them active and have fun while making it easy for you!

We provide easy-to-follow instructions and video examples for each activity, so you know exactly how to play. You’ll quickly see our games have been designed for you to have fun and make precious memories too.

With a background in youth development and fitness, at Move, Laugh & Learn we’ve created all our activities and games to be fun, educational and great for your child’s body and mind!

Whether your child is learning how to master their body or beginning to explore numeracy and phonics, all our activities help to get them school ready without pressure.

Our games are designed to help your child reach their developmental milestones:

  1. HAPPY IN A NAPPY (16-30 months)
  2. LITTLE EXPLORERS (2-4 years)
  3. MOVERS & SHAKERS (3-approx 5 years)

But there are no rules to having fun as part of the Move, Laugh & Learn squad! You can watch your child progress through each level or pick and mix to suit your family.

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