In Uncategorised|1 October 2021

We’ve created a load of extra stuff to help with keeping all the little superstars amused.

Do you need help or inspiration for keeping the kids busy during this strange time?

My kids’ school is doing a great job of sending projects and activities to us, but I’ve made up a few of my own that are part Pinterest research and part tailoring to my kids attention/abilities.

And whilst I’m keen to maintain their level of learning via school suggestions, I’m conscious that a lot of things right now are online. So I’m trying to think of activities that can take my kiddo’s offline for a bit. Yes, we’re online right now, but let’s call this research. Once you have the tools, move away from the screen and either enjoy some time with the juniors or give yourself some breathing space to get on with work!

I’d love to hear your feedback or show us what you get up to #movelaughlearn and @movelaughlearn

All these (and a few more) are also available at Move, Laugh & Learn on Pinterest

Have fun!