Getting Healthy Together as a Family

In Uncategorised|5 June 2019

As parents, we’re well aware of how much energy our small humans have. And often, we’re all too aware of how little energy we seem to have!

Getting active together will definitely help with both of these issues.

A health and fitness programme included into a child’s daily routine is essential for normal growth and development, and as adults, being fitter definitely helps a lot with energy levels. I used to joke to my mum-friends that I needed to have a run or a nap – the run was always the best option.

It is now known and well documented thanks to many research papers, that children who exercise do better academically and learn how to reduce stress and improve their productivity and thinking.

As parents, we are our children’s best role models. They look to us as their educators, mentors, supporters, heroes and as their safety blanket. Essentially, our kids believe that whatever we do as parents is acceptable. Physical activity and being fit is no exception. Even better, we have an opportunity to help our children know how to live a healthy lifestyle and help them to avoid a sedentary life and all the health risks that go with it.

Lots of people talk about family commitments as being an obstacle to exercising but what if we turn that thought around, and use it as an opportunity to get fit – together. It’s really important for families to exercise together so that it eventually becomes part of normal life. It’s such a strong message to teach our kids.

Set aside some family time each day when you can play some games. The Move, Laugh & Learn games are awesome for small people to develop their body mastery. If you want to have a hard workout for yourself, put your favourite aerobic routine on and let your little person copy you. They won’t be able to do all the moves properly, but they will be moving.

As well as the importance of fitness, the other massive benefit to all this is the amazing memories, family traditions and bonds your family will be building. What’s not to love?

Families that PLAY together STAY together.


I use various sources to write these news articles including the NHS (UK & Scotland), the Australian Govt. Dept. of Health, World Health Organisation (WHO), Harvard University childhood health articles and what I experience as a mum.