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Wow, I’ve just read a couple of incredible articles about how important movement and the development of gross motor skills are to our little people. Now I’ll admit, I didn’t completely understand all the nitty gritty scientific terminology, but the key message is clear. KIDS NEED TO MOVE.

Key point 1 – Movement– Children need to move to develop their motor skills. This starts as babies when their reflexive movements provide a sense of space and self-awareness. Movement stimulates the growth of our brain! When a child’s movement is limited, so is their ability to learn, think and behave.

Key point 2 – Practice– Our brains need repetition to be able to recognise information required to achieve new skills. Our motor skills development should be achieved in a kind of building block style. Each skill needs to be learned and mastered before the next skill is achieved. This is where ‘milestones’ are useful; as a guide to what kind of skills are appropriate at each age.

Key point 3 – Ready for school!– All of this movement, practice and body mastery has a direct effect on how prepared for academic learning your child will be. Without these skills, kids may struggle to hold a pencil, sit attentively in class and be able to carry out set tasks. And apparently, it’s much harder for kids to catch up if they haven’t already mastered those initial building blocks. So many teachers complain that children get to school without being able to follow basic instructions, go to the toilet independently, put on their own shoes…kids who can do all this efficiently are naturally going to go to the top of the class, have better self esteem and be regarded as strong and capable by their teachers and peers.

How can we help our little learners? Simple. Play games that help stimulate their senses, focus on body mastery and are fun so they stay interested.

Enter – Move, Laugh & Learn…

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I use various sources to write these news articles including the NHS (UK & Scotland), the Australian Govt. Dept. of Health, World Health Organisation (WHO), Harvard University childhood health articles and what I experience as a mum.