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Ready for Bed Relay

OBJECTIVE: Fun relay game, encouraging cross pattern movements and at the same time reinforcing the bed time routine.

EQUIPMENT: Two buckets and all the items that your little one would need to get ready for bed. Toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, PJ’s, shower gel, towel, slippers. It is important to tailor this activity to the routine that you regularly use to get them ready for bed, so amend accordingly.

ACTIVITY PREPARATION: It's an easy activity to set up, but should be carried out in an animated fashion with lots of parental energy and fun.

Activity Instructions

Place two buckets (can also use bowls, boxes etc) approximately 10 large adult steps apart. Fill one of the buckets with all of the bed time items and have the other one empty.

Have your child stand by the empty bucket, then call out an item that they need to get ready for bed. Your Mover & Shaker then needs to run to the bucket, find the item and run back to the other bucket and put the item in that one.


#1 To add an additional challenge, once you have called out the item, slowly start counting out aloud to see how quickly they can find the item and place it in the other bucket. Every time they go for an item, see if they can beat their time.

#2 To add some further difficulty and additional learning into this activity have your Mover & Shaker tell you what letter each item starts with as they are running back with the item.

#3 Add an extra challenge by placing some unrelated misleading items in the bucket so they have to sort through more items to find the one they are looking for.

Pro Tip

Cross pattern movements such as the running in this exercise is one of the easiest ways for your Mover & Shaker to activate their brain development and nervous system. This will help give it the proper motor and sensory stimuli it needs to take control of their bodily functions—thereby preventing health problems before they develop.