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The BIG Car Adventure

OBJECTIVE: Improve muscle tone and gross motor development, engage imagination and visualisation, following instructions.

EQUIPMENT: Simple soft furnishings.

Set the scene

Today your Little Explorer is going out in their car. They must keep the car under their control at all times.

Activity Instructions

Upon your instruction, your child is to drive around the designated area in their imaginary car. Before they start they need to put on their seat belt and put both hands on the imaginary steering wheel. Now they are ready to start moving around the area. As they are new to the roads, they need to start in first gear (slow walk). The aim now is to introduce different commands for your Little Explorer to follow...

Green light = GO

Red light = STOP

1st gear = slow walk

2nd gear = fast walk

3rd gear = slow run

Turbo = run as fast as they can

Emergency Stop = sit on their bottoms on the floor

Roundabout = spin in a circular motion

Through the Tunnel = stand with your legs open, little explorer then needs to crawl through your legs and then continue driving once out the other side

4wheel Driving = have your little explorer get on all fours and crawl over soft furnishings and suitable furniture


#1 To really engage your little explorer’s imagination, tell them that the designated area is the beach, or the jungle, or the moon, or the woodlands.

#2 Then as you are calling out the commands you can introduce other elements such as “listen to the gulls”, “STOP…look out for the elephants”, or “look there is a cow in that field, what noise do cows make?”

#3 Add your own movement based commands, depending on the progress of your Little Explorer.

Pro Tip

Guide your Little Explorer through this activity, but do not help physically unless absolutely necessary.