Keeping the Kids (and you!) Active During Winter

In Uncategorised|13 December 2019

It’s sometimes tricky to stay active during winter isn’t it? Wet weather, shorter days and generally feeling more like staying indoors, all affect how motivated we are to venture out. But, there are ways to make it more interesting and fun, and therefore much easier to make the effort.

Here’s some great tips to help you get outside, and some other’s for staying inside.

Kids absolutely love to splash in puddles. It’s like the water has some kind of magnetic pull – in my experience, they somehow manage to find the only puddle anywhere nearby, usually when they don’t have their wellies on! So, sometimes, if it’s not raining too heavily, we’ll put on our raincoats and wellies and go for a walk anyway.

Another cool thing we did recently was to have a hedgehog hunt – we basically went for a walk in the woods, when it was dark. The kids thought it was brilliant because we were out after dark and had torches!

Mountain biking is another winner. There’s mud. End of story.

And if the weather is just too bad …

Set little challenges, for example, if you have a staircase, and it’s safe for your little person, how many times can they go up and down in a minute, or, for smaller humans, can they climb on the sofa and jump down 5 times.

Do an aerobic workout yourself and have the kids copy your moves.

Put some music on and dance!

Plus, our program offers over 100 games and activities that can be played either inside or outside.

Do you have any other great ideas for staying active during winter? We’d love to hear about them, or even see them! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


I use various sources to write these news articles including the NHS (UK & Scotland), the Australian Govt. Dept. of Health, World Health Organisation (WHO), Harvard University childhood health articles and what I experience as a mum.