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How to stay active during lockdown

Published: 10.02.2021

Staying active during lockdown life is really hard. Add that to poor weather and no outdoor space of your own, it might seem impossible. And that’s not even mentioning motivation, or lack of!

But… it doesn’t have to be hard or take a lot of effort. Your choices aren’t as limited as you might think. We’re here to help.

Researchers say that play is the main form of physical activity for our little humans, and the best thing you can do is spend time playing with them. It doesn’t really matter what that is, you just need be active.

What should you do?

Gross motor skills (the big movements like running, jumping, climbing) as well as fine motor skills (the smaller movements like drawing and picking up small objects) are all important and make up physical development.

Age appropriate obstacle courses are a great way to test out all sorts of movements. Using a safe space you can use cushions and sofa’s to build obstacles, then add a station for sorting small toys into bowls or drawing a simple shape.

Inject some imagination!

… and suddenly, those obstacles turn into mountains to explore, rivers to cross, and nuts to store for the winter! Pretend to be explorers, mountaineers, clowns or wild animals. Kids love to mimic animal actions and noises and they’re really easy to copy.

Play along.

Kids love nothing more than playing with their parents. You’re their number 1 role model. Having fun with you is the ultimate. So get involved with the game.

As well as bonding with your child - which is pretty awesome - you’ll find yourself feeling better, and maybe it’ll even get you moving a bit more too. Win-win.

How to get started.

All you need is a space, big or small, that’s safe to play in.

You don’t need any special equipment or kit. Regular household bits and bobs can easily be used to make all sorts of different games.

Take a look at our Equipment Alternatives list.

Grab your FREE Instant Yay! Play Pack.

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Added benefits - more reasons why active play is important.

As well as promoting health and wellbeing, physical play …

  • Improves body mastery, required for sitting at a school desk, among other things
  • Offers your child chances to learn and develop new skills, which helps self esteem and confidence
  • Physical development supports brain development and problem solving skills
  • Promotes listening skills and following instructions.

Less Planning. More Playing.

So, if you’re looking for activities to do at home for kids, babies or toddlers, check out our FREE Instant Yay! Play pack to get you going. We’ve done all the planning for you, so all you have to do is play.