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Our Story

We know how hard it is to get motivated and get your kids moving!

Move Laugh & Learn was created by parents who know the juggle of parenthood and how hard it can be to come up with ideas to keep your kids active when you’re tired or busy.

No matter how much you want to be the fun parent who joins in with your child’s play, we know it can be really hard to find the motivation and inspiration to plan activities from scratch…

Which is why we decided to bring together our 15+ years of shared experience in youth development and fitness to create a unique platform which would remove the effort for parents, and help keep kids across the world moving, laughing and learning!

All of our active games have been tried, tested and enjoyed by thousands of children worldwide. Each developed to not only help your child master their bodies and reach their developmental milestones, but to be as easy as possible to introduce to your family. No planning required.

Helping kids thrive is at the centre of everything we do. Alongside our active games and fun educational flashcards, we also work closely with an award-winning dietitian to offer simple, delicious recipes and nutritional tips to help you eat well as a family.

Here’s to happy, healthier families with less of the hard work and more of the fun!


Everley family May 2019


Justin & Pam and their children Cerys & Gwilym.

Cerys & Gwil have been involved in developing our active kids’ games since before they could crawl – you will see them starring in many of our instructional videos.

Pam and Justin previously lived in Perth, Australia, but returned to their roots and are now based in North Wales, UK.

Jules kathy


Jules & Kathy and their boys Avery & Florian.

From 3 years of age, both boys participated in early childhood development programs designed by Justin & Jules. That early focus on physical activity has stayed with them and they continue to provide valuable support today.

Jules and his family are based in Sydney, Australia.



Angharad is a mum of three who loves to cook with her family, creating exciting recipes to prepare and eat together. She has been a dietician for over 15 years, primarily working with children but also running clinics for young adults.

In addition to writing award-winning recipes, Angharad shares her knowledge and skill in a voluntary capacity with local schools, bringing nutrition and health to a new level.

You can find her website here