Relationships Matter

In Uncategorised|1 October 2021

We know our kiddo’s rely on us for everything in the early years. Their needs are basic – feed me, change me … and love me. Whilst exhausting at times, it’s pretty simple, once you’ve got the hang of it.

The process might be simple, but the importance and the necessity are pretty complex.

Did you realise that building that relationship with your little person (loving them!) is shaping the way they learn, communicate, think, problem solve and generally cope with the world, and life ahead?

When we play with our little people we’re demonstrating our interest in them – showing them that they are important to us and nurturing the bond between us. This builds their confidence to explore the world.

The process has also been called ‘serve and return’ and basically describes the to and fro exchange between you and your child.

This interaction helps to create the neural connections needed for cognitive function, communication and social skills.

Research has proven that when children are exposed to regular nurturing and attentive contact with their parent or caregiver, their brains are better primed for later learning, memory, executive function, behaviour control, problem solving, social skills and lifelong health.


So, take time to play with your little people. I know my own kids love it when I stop my ‘work’ and just focus on playing with them. We’re all so often caught up with the busy-ness of life and looking after them, that we forget they just want US (their parents). To play. That’s it. Read our article on getting started.

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Have fun!