Summer days ahead…

In Uncategorised|30 September 2021

Summer holidays are literally just around the corner!

(Sorry if you’re reading this in the Southern Hemisphere)

I recently took a 12-month maternity cover contract which means my mind has been occupied with learning the ropes of a new role, instead of planning for the six-week summer holiday ahead. (Thankfully, it’s a school-based job which means I get six weeks off too!)

So yesterday, I took a few minutes to think about my plan for the summer days ahead, and of course, to write this post.

I like to have a vague plan for the weeks of holidays because if I don’t, I’ll end up procrastinating and suddenly, it’s lunchtime and we’re still in our pj’s. Don’t get me wrong, those days are lovely too. But it’s easier to enjoy those days when the rest are bursting at the seams with adventures.

And of course, there’s the added challenge of Covid in the world, so visits to ticketed attractions must be planned ahead of time.

A few 'ticketed' attractions are on The Plan.

Last year I set myself and the kiddos a challenge to visit a new beach every week. We had some amazing days at some amazing places. I had no idea North Wales had so many beautiful beaches to explore. I rediscovered how good a beach day can be. As well as being free of charge! (You can have a look at last year’s plan here.)

Beaches are staying firmly on The Plan again this year.

The idea for new discoveries worked out so well, I’m going to repeat the concept this year.

I’m thinking of making the most of my National Trust membership and discovering a new site every week. The bonus is that they usually have extra activities happening during the holidays which makes the visit even better and easily fills a whole day.

The other great thing about National Trust is there’s usually shelter of some description for rainy days. Which means, plans don’t need to be changed, just the clothes! And who doesn’t love a splash about in a muddy puddle?

Making the most of memberships is on The Plan.

No summer holiday break would be complete without a bit of a clear out too. There’s another day, devoted to those bigger jobs that you never quite get around to during term-time. Sigh.

Clear out the cupboards is on the The Plan.

Another idea, new to The Plan this year, is a park day with other families. A few mums from school have agreed to meet up one day a week, weather permitting, to play games. It’s a great way to keep the kids’ connections going. And the bonus is that the kids generally amuse themselves and us mums can have a proper good natter!

Picnic at the park including coffee catch ups for Mums is on The Plan.

And there we go. That’s The Plan pretty much sorted. It’s so therapeutic putting it down on paper!

It’ll look like this:



Post-weekend sort out / jobs at home


National Trust discovery – pack wellies and spares!


Theme Park / zoo / movies


Beach day


Meet friends at the park


Family adventures

Depending on what we decide for the weekends, the only day for big spending is Wednesday when we visit an attraction. Result!

NB obviously all of the above will be in accordance with the latest Covid restrictions and guidelines, and at a healthy social distance! Well, adults anyway, we all know the kids have no concept of personal space.

Happy holidays everyone! x