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Walk to School Week

Walk to School week is an annual initiative created by Living Streets. Read more about it here.

The point, amongst promoting other messages, is to encourage children to walk, bike or scoot to school - healthier for the kids and healthier for our environment.

Awesome right? We think so.

We don’t live close enough to our school to be able to walk every day. But, when the weather allows, we leave the car a bit further away and walk through the park.

Here’s some of our tips for the walk to school, especially if there’s pre-school age kiddo’s tagging along!

  • Our fave is ‘The Big Car Adventure’ … pretend to be going for a drive. There’s red lights, green lights, 1st gear and Turbo speed!! You can watch the video of this game below...
  • Can you allow a bit of extra time to stop at the park?
  • What about pretending to be an animal? How would that animal walk? Where would they be going?
  • Gallop like a horse. This is a good one to develop gross motor and cross pattern movement skills. One foot is always at the front - try doing both sides, which is easier?
  • Try taking really big steps all the way. Or skip. (Tip: don’t do small steps … that’ll just take way too long!!)
  • Play ‘I-spy’ along the way.
  • Play ‘follow-my-leader’ and take it in turns being the leader. Be silly!
  • See if they can balance something the whole way - like the egg & spoon race.
  • Have the older child blow bubbles for the younger child and keep them moving forward.
  • Do you remember playing ‘don’t step on the cracks’ when you were little? My son LOVES it when I play that with him on the way to school.

(Of course, any and all of these options should be done safely and within traffic rules!)

You can see our feature and other great walking to school stuff over on Club Hub UK!

Check out our Inspiration pages for more hints, tips and ideas. Have fun!