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Why Move, Laugh, & Learn?

Educational research tells us that kids need movement to stimulate brain development. When a child's movement is limited so is their ability to learn, think and behave. Motor skills and body mastery have a direct effect on a child's readiness to learn and participate at school. As parents and carers, the best way to help our kids is to play games!

So many teachers complain that children get to school without being able to follow basic instructions, go to the toilet independently, put on their own shoes…kids who can do all this efficiently are naturally going to go to the top of the class, have better self esteem and be regarded as strong and capable by their teachers and peers.

Research also demonstrates that physically active children are less likely to develop mental health issues later in life.

You can help your little superstar achieve their full potential and start school at the top of their class!

We have over 100 age-appropriate games, designed specifically to practice motor skills and body mastery, and you can keep track of their achievements with our milestones guide.

And best of all, you have fun together as a family.

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You won’t find a program like this anywhere, we’ve checked! And we’ve tested our games with thousands of families over 14 years.

Our online resource library offers over 100 games all designed (and tested) to develop your little person appropriately, and can be used as a stand alone or complementary program.

Our activities are simple to follow, can be done at home (inside or in the garden), and require little or no set up. We’ve even included a list of household items that can be used if you don’t have the suggested equipment.

Tailored to age
Each category of games within our library has been created in line with each level of development and provides the right level of challenge at the right time.

Your child will learn at their own pace, in a positive and non-competitive environment where they are comfortable.

Do the activities when it suits you and your family’s busy schedule. No need to travel to a venue, taking up more valuable time. And, you can fit the activities in any time of the day.

Be ready to laugh and have fun with your child and the activities, you’ll build amazing memories together.

YOU are your child’s number 1 role model, there’s nobody better to help them develop at this important age.

As well as nurturing an enthusiasm for sport and physical activity, we include healthy recipes as well. We’ll also post complementary information on our social media pages.

For around the cost of a cup of coffee a week, you can provide your child with a great head start in life.

Value for money
Our research shows that people who sign up for external coaching programs miss an average of 30% of the classes they have paid for. Not our members! You will get 100% value!

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