Helping your child meet their milestones has never been more fun!

As parents, we all want to know we’re supporting their children to do as well as they can in life. Keeping an eye on developmental milestones is one way to help check your child is progressing as they should be – by which we mean, reaching behavioural or physical checkpoints as they grow, things that most children can do by a certain age.

At Move Laugh & Learn, all our active games are designed to help your child reach these milestones! Which means by simply playing together you can know you’re helping support your child to thrive, nurturing their minds and bodies for a strong and healthy childhood.

It’s important to note, however, that milestones are offered as a guide and have a range of time when each skill or behaviour could be learned.

For example, a child should be able to push up on their arms while lying on their tummy, within the first 3 months. This may happen early in this timeframe, but it might happen a little bit later – that’s fine.

All children are different, but milestones offer a guide to help us know what should be happening, and approximately when.

When you purchase a Move, Laugh & Learn eBook you’ll receive a dedicated Milestone Tracker so you can clearly see how your little superstar is progressing and understand how the games are helping them to practice important skills.

Don’t forget different children excel in different areas. Try not to be concerned if your child needs more practice with a particular skill, they’re likely to absolutely smash a different one! And the point is, they’re moving, laughing and learning!

If you don’t want to purchase an eBook, but would still like to see how your little super star is tracking, you can purchase our development tracker as a stand alone PDF here.