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Be the fun, silly parent you want to be, even when you’re tired Our video demonstrations and step-by-step instructions for EVERY game make it all easy-peasy. Simply pick a game to suit your child’s mood or interest and you’re up and moving.

Finally, you can go to bed every night safe in the knowledge that you have countless easy-to-follow activities to do tomorrow that are going to meet all your child’s physical needs.

Don’t delay, shop with complete confidence and get your child moving, laughing & learning…NOW!

Spend more time playing!

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How it works

Simple to follow. Guaranteed Smiles.

The programme is very simple to follow;

  1. Easy video tutorials for every game – watch, then PLAY
  2. Easy to follow instructions are also provided for every game, with clear Progressions. As your child gets better, you can introduce new challenges into the same activities
  3. Ongoing support and advice – if you need us the Move, Laugh & Learn team are ready to help via email or our social media pages.

The plan fits into even the busiest of lives.

  1. Stop having to think up ideas to keep your kids moving (you’ve got enough to think about!)
  2. Have fun without leaving the house perfect for days you need to stay home
  3. Bond together as they keep fit in smile-boosting 10 minutes bursts, with no fancy equipment required
  4. Be confident your child is meeting their developmental milestones with age-appropriate games to strengthen their bodies and help them thrive

With Move, Laugh & Learn you will...

Never be stuck for active play ideas again

Keep them moving, laughing, learning and having fun without the headache of planning what to do next

Get them school ready without pressure

Our programme will ensure your child meets all of their fine motor skills and gross motor developmental milestones needed to thrive in education.

Be the fun, silly parent you want to be, even when you’re tired!

with easy active play ideas and games all created to build connection and help you bond with your child in little 10 minute bursts.

Encourage healthy living as a family

With simple nutritious recipes and healthy eating tips included to go alongside our active games.

Make special memories together without leaving the house

All our active play games can be enjoyed at home, indoors or outdoors, with household equipment you’ll already have.

FREE Milestone Tracker

See how your little superstar is progressing and understand how the games are helping them to practice important skills.

Our games & activities have been enjoyed by thousands of families and you won’t find a product like it anywhere else, that’s why each book comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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Spend more time playing!

Our Programmes Work With You

Works for all ability levels

Home & Garden Games

Fits into busy parenting schedule

Demonstration video for every activity

Download to all your devices

Risk free money back guarantee

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